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Cultural Alliances

Call for applications: November 03, 2020
Submission deadline: January 07, 2021
Deadline extended: January 14, 2021

20 Alliances shortlisted out of 56 eligible Alliances: June 2021
12 Alliances are Selected to participate in the Cultural Alliances Component

[20 September, 2021]
We are pleased to announce the 12 final Alliances selected to receive the support from the “Cultural Alliances” component. Each Alliance consists of 3 cultural entities.

Since the beginning of the year, the jury consisting of the Cultural Professional Christiane Dabdoub Nasser (Palestine); the Cultural Manager Heba elCheikh (Egypt) and Researcher & Cultural Actor Moez Mrabet (Tunisia) had  been engaging in a dynamic process reviewing, evaluating, and convening twice to select the 12 Alliances that will benefit from The Cultural Alliances component.

Following the selection process, the Jury members issued the following statement:

“The concept notes were generally compatible with the programme’s guidelines. They reflected a serious development component that would contribute to supporting an effective cultural ecosystem in the targeted countries.

This experience was enriching for us as jurors on many levels. It showed  that civil society in the region is making good progress in addressing and overcoming  the setbacks that the region is witnessing, economically, politically as a result of the global pandemic. It also confirmed that many organisations have  a high level of creativity and commitment and an ability to recognise their vulnerabilities and the challenges that may impede  their growth and prosperity. Finally, the arguments in the proposals show that alliances consider partnership and networking to be essential components for healthy competitiveness and growth. 

Discussions around the collaboration concept notes were comprehensive and the evaluators pulled-in their knowledge of the context to achieve a reasonable consensus based on the criteria developed by the programme team.

The jurors took into account the following when evaluating  the applications while maintaining transparency to ensure the best for the programme as a whole:

  1. Creativity and innovation were important levers, and quite a few concept notes  reflect both in terms of content, approach, and management.
  2. Strong partnerships that reflect serious collaborations where all three partners can benefit and grow and potentially have higher impact.
  3. Focus on the institutional development of partner entities which constitutes an important component of the project activities.
  4. The Alliance’s contribution to its ecosystem, which is fundamental to the programme and which ensures a holistic understanding of the many stakes in cultural development. 
  5. Inclusiveness: all countries in the region were to be represented and collaboration concept notes took into consideration geographic distribution as well as wide representation at stakeholder level.
  6. Efforts were also made to have different sectors represented – music, theatre, digital arts, etc.”

The Jury members wish the selected Alliances all the best in their journey of discovering and building partnerships based on solidarity, empathy, collaboration, and sharing of knowledge and resources to reach the results they aspire to.

You can check here the list of the 12 selected alliances participating in the Cultural Alliances Component.

The component will support up to 12 Cultural Alliances consisting of 36 cultural entities, who are seeking to strengthen their adaptive capacities and to engage in setting up a collaboration within Alliances as well as wider partnerships on the local, national and regional levels with the aim to strengthen the cultural ecosystem and to facilitate and increase access to culture within their contexts.

The component will offer:

  • A grant of up to €110,000 to support the stability of entities and foster their investment in sustainable collaboration;
  • Tailor-made learning modules including mentorship, training, and workshops among others to improve alliances managerial, collaborative, and strategic competences; and
  • Regional collaboration by providing opportunities for Alliances to participate in other components of All-Around Culture in order to expand their professional networks.

Regional Workshop for Cultural Alliances
[22 June-6 July 2021]

The regional workshop for Cultural Alliances was held from June 22 to July 6 2021, with the participation of 20 cultural alliances consisting of 60 cultural and artistic entities from the Arab region, selected during the first phase of the evaluation process.

The workshop consisted of 6 virtual sessions, the content of which was developed and facilitated by a group of experts, with the aim of sharing tools and methodologies with the alliances to guide them in building partnerships and formulating their final concept notes. 

Workshop facilitators and experts included:

  • Shaimaa Atef and Mohamed Yassein from Collective Routes, designing and facilitating sessions through participatory tools and methods;
  • Dalia Dawoud (Egypt), Policy Officer - Culture and Development  at the Dutch embassy in Cairo, presenting the sessions on partnership building between alliances;
  • Milena Dragićević Šešić, head of UNESCO Chair in Interculturalism, Art Management and Mediation, presenting a session titled “An introduction to Ecosystems Approach” 

Following the workshop, alliances will submit their final concept notes which will be evaluated by the jury members during the second phase of the evaluation process. 12 finalists will qualify for the support provided by the “Cultural Alliances” component.

[June 2021]
Out of 56 eligible Alliances, 20 have been shortlisted as part of the first phase of selection of the Cultural Alliances component implemented by Culture Resource. Each Alliance consists of 3 cultural entities.

The 60 shortlisted cultural entities will participate in a regional workshop in June/July 2021 to develop their collaboration projects. Only 12 Alliances will be selected in August 2021 to participate in the programme and will be granted up to €110,000 to implement their collaboration projects.

participating in the online regional workshop:





Network of Algerian Arts ProfessionalsrhizomeSARL ElwaniSARL Mood and Moob (Atelier 13)
Les Enfants du Nouveau Monde éditions Barzakh éditions MotifsMeltin'Art
Eternal JamArab Digital Expression Foundation - ADEFMakoukMedrar for Contemporary Art
Colorful CirclesAlwan wa Awtar (A&A)Dawar for Arts and DevelopmentFekra Cultural Center
TahayyuzMegawra10Tooba | Applied Research on the Built EnvironmentMansour for Architecture and Conservation
Nagham AllianceEl Mastaba Center for Egyptian Folk MusicAfricairoِAl Toratheyah Arts and Culture
DaemFig Leaf StudioArt EverywhereSahara for Development and Arts Association
ArRassTajlalla for Music and Arts SocietyThe City Artists NetworkMethrah For Arts & Culture
Rural EncountersBeirut DCCouncil of EnvironmentAssociation culturelle de Hermel - ACH
Challenging the landscape:
The Lebanese Factory of
Fondation Liban CinemaAbbout SALSHIFT
Network for Cultural OutreachAwrad - Clown Me InYaraqaYAZAN
Collective Shams Sarmadi SeenaryoThe Cultural Cooperative Association for Youth in Theatre and Cinema - SHAMSSarmadaSeenaryo
CourantsFondation Dar Bellarjle 18, derb FerraneMahal, Centre pour l'art et la Culture
Takamol 180°Fondation Touria et Abdelaziz Tazi / l'UzineForum des alternatives Maroc (FMAS)Association Gorara pour les Arts et les Cultures
Digital Art NetworkAtabet Fann for Arts, Media and TrainingArt to HeartShagaf For Digital Expression
Creative Industries in Marginalized Areaswww.alkasaba. orgAl Kasaba Theatre and CinemathequeAssirk AssaghirInad Center for Theater and Arts
JUSOOR: COMMUNAL LABORATORIE SRiwaqCultural Symposium ClubSakiya - Art | Science | Agriculture
Escales Cinematographi quesCinéfils/Hakka film
Sentiers/Massar ib
centre culturel nord le Majestic
Sh.u.bakSociété AKACIA PRODUCTION SAssociation Al BadilCHRITA
Al Gharbouz AllianceAssociation du protection de ksour et de sauve darfe fu patrimoine a beni kheddacheAssociation for Reconstruction and Protection of Heritage in Kharashefa ksarwifak association of Aziza

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