Interconnected in Culture for a Stronger Ecosystem



Jusoor is an alliance composed of: 

Riwaq + Sakiya.

This cultural alliance presents a dynamic cross-disciplinary cooperation to establish vigorous cultural methodologies through interaction between partner entities, and communal learning labs for knowledge exchanges in marginalised communities. Communities’ knowledge and communal values and practices can be key in solving urgent socio-economic problems. Their architectural, narrative and natural heritage constitute a vital foundation for cultural practices that encourage critical thinking and accountability. The general framework of this alliance fosters collective artistic, cultural, and educational practices that are rooted in local knowledge, encourage experimentation, promote tolerance, utilise indigenous and technological environmental practices, challenge capitalist and colonial ideas that dominate formal education and artistic production, and bridge the social and economic divide imposed by neoliberalism. The cultural alliance seeks to institutionalise a long-term relationship between partner entities and their societal and geographical surroundings towards strong, open, self-sufficient communities who share their knowledge, and cultural and artistic productions with their ecosystem.

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