Interconnected in Culture for a Stronger Ecosystem



Al-Rass Alliance is composed of: 

Tajlalla for Music and Arts Society + The City Artists Network + Methrah For Arts & Culture

Al-Rass aims at establishing a kernel of a long-term cultural alliance that will achieve tangible results in the cultural field, allowing the use of available resources in Jordan. In light of the absence in clarity and effectiveness of policies that protect cultural work in Jordan; such an alliance will form a state of societal solidarity that contributes in creating new collective cultural awareness to reach active policies and legislation which aims to encourage cultural work by ensuring its growth and sustainability.

Through focusing on clarifying the importance of culture and arts in societal change to ensure development and strive for more effective results and impact on societies in Jordan, “Al-Rass” will develop a training component that contributes to enhance mutual learning and benefit from existing experiences of cultural models in Jordan and the region. Creating a state of useful rapprochement to enhance the development and sustainability of the cultural ecosystem.

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