Interconnected in Culture for a Stronger Ecosystem

The Awareness & Dialogue component aims to disseminate the activities and results of the action and supported projects, increase access to culture, especially in underserved areas and to least-favored segments of the population and support the project stakeholders to contribute to policy dialogues and policy recommendations. In addition, the component will increase awareness about culture as a vector for social development and promotion of intercultural dialogue in the targeted countries.

The component will offer:

  • Various communication activities to disseminate the various projects news and outputs;
  • Organize a regional level policy dialogue regarding access to culture and intercultural dialogue in the targeted Arab countries with the support and input from the Cultural Alliances; and
  • Produce a white paper with policy recommendations and lessons learned, based on inputs from Policy Dialogues, Ecosystems Academy meetings, and beneficiaries’ reports.The component will support up to 12 Cultural.

Implemented by: