Interconnected in Culture for a Stronger Ecosystem



UNDERCURRENTS Alliance is composed of: 

Fondation Dar Bellarj + le 18 + Mahal Art Space.

* Undercurrents: an underlying feeling or influence, especially one that is contrary to the prevailing atmosphere and is not expressed openly. Undercurrents is a common learning platform developed between Dar Bellarj, LE 18 (Marrakech) & Mahal (Tangier) – Morocco, addressing structural capacity building needs and organisational development concerns.

Four macro-themes crystallize our preoccupations and will be tackled through practical and discursive trainings, as well as theoretical conversations designed as public programs. The proposal combines the need to reinforce and redress our organisations’ proceedings, with that of sustaining and empowering key actors and communities of our ecosystem, in particular young and emerging cultural practitioners, institutional peers and colleagues, and neighbouring communities of inhabitants.

The platform will help us building capacities on open community [ARCHIVES]; on contextual [PEDAGOGIES] and mediation frameworks incorporating multilingualism and local transmission forms; on [COLLECTIVE] working processes; and finally, on how to navigate and shape [CULTURAL POLICIES].

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