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Rural Encounters

Rural Encounters

Rural Encounters Alliance is composed of: 

Beirut DC + Council of Environment + Association culturelle de Hermel – ACH 

Rural Encounters is an alliance between Beirut DC, The Council of Environment in Kobayat, and Al Montada in Hermel. It aims to bring cinema to the underserved audiences of Hermel and Akkar, all the while bringing their narratives to the forefront of the national debates on the environment, decentralisation, and social cohesion. Together, the three entities will organise a film club in Akkar and Hermel, leading up to the 2023 edition of “Rural Encounters on Environment and Film” in both Kobayat and – for the first time – in Hermel. From our collapsing presents, new futures can and must be built. Now is the time to imagine and pilot new, inclusive, and collaborative pathways to audiences and new bridges between social, cultural and environmental movements.

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