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Arts Join Us

Arts Join Us

Arts Join Us, Creative Industries Coalition is composed of: 

Al Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque + Assirk Assaghir + Inad Center for Theater and Arts.

The partners aim to develop cultural activities and cultural productions qualitatively and quantitatively through adopting creative industries in their strategies to reach a wider audience. The project aims at empowering the partner institutions in the alliance by conducting special studies and surveys by specialists and design a special capacity building program that will develop their financial and administrative systems, engaging working staff to adopt the creative industry concept and ensuring the minimum financial stability and sustainability by introducing the partners to new income and funding streams, from internal and external resources. During the project, the partners will expand the alliance to join more individual artists, cultural organisations, and social and cultural groups interested in cultural and creative work. Also, a comprehensive survey will be conducted, covering the active systems in the partners’ working areas.

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