Interconnected in Culture for a Stronger Ecosystem


Implemented by: Toni Geitani

City: Beirut, Lebanon


Toni Geitani is a Lebanese director, music producer and sound designer, graduated in filmmaking studies. His film “The Disappearance of Goya” received the “best international short or medium-length film” in RIDM and was officially selected in FID Marseille and premiered in the festival.

Born in the post-war period in the 90’s, Toni Geitani observed the political evolution of his country and the role of Medias and in particular that of the TV on the social scale, shaping a certain reality and influencing people. By a film IPSEDIXITISM will tackle television in Lebanon, showing its internal functioning; the financial and political interests of its leaders and how it turns reality into fiction and influences social and political life. It is also a research about alternative forms of storytelling. The creation of the film requires research work for content and characters, especially about the big stories covered and the evolution of laws and the parallel with the socio-economic situation of the country at the time.

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