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Consultancy Announcement «Research Team Leader» Cultural Policies

Start Date: 2022-07-04

End Date: 2022-07-25

Open to applicants from the Arab Region.

Consultancy Announcement «Research Team Leader» Cultural Policies

Type: Research Consultancy
Deadline for applications (extended): Monday, 25 July, 2022 (Midnight CET)
Date to commence work and assume responsibilities: Wednesday, 10 August 2022 Duration: 12-18 months.
Budget: up to € 12,000 (Depending on the required number of researchers and their profiles)
Main deliverables: policy research – content for a regional dialogue – a white paper.
The work is not location specific and open to applicants from the Arab Region.


In the framework of All-Around Culture (AAC), a programme co-funded by the European Union, with the aim to foster a vital cultural ecosystem in 7 countries across the Arab region (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, and Tunisia). Culture Resource, in cooperation with Mohammad and Mahera Abu Ghazaleh Foundation, are implementing “The Awareness & Dialogue” as one component of the AAC programme. 

One of the main objectives of this component is to support the programme stakeholders to contribute to policy dialogues and policy recommendations. In addition, the component will increase awareness about culture as a vector for social development and promotion of intercultural dialogue in the targeted countries as well as the role of strengthening the cultural ecosystem in reaching the goals. It thus targets to maximise and build-on the stakeholders’ strategies and potentials, in order to further establish them in the cultural ecosystem.  The research consultancy announced in this call is designed to achieve that particular objective of AAC. 

Culture Resource is responsible for the implementation of this objective which builds on its long interest and record in the field of Cultural Policy and in research and publication in the Arab region. 

Consultancy Description

In order to achieve the above objective, Culture Resource is pursuing the implementation of research leading to a regional dialogue event and a policy paper (White Paper) based on the research findings. In total they all constitute the subject of consultancy, also referred to as ‘the project’. The project is planned to deliver the following key tasks arranged chronologically (check Annex 1 for a detailed list of tasks). It is envisioned that the material produced in each deliverable will constitute the basis of the subsequent. 

  1. Engage All Around Culture beneficiaries and stakeholders in a research on their cultural ecosystem;
  2. Produce the concept note, content and agenda for a regional level policy dialogue planned in May 2023 regarding access to culture and intercultural dialogue in the targeted Arab countries; and
  3. Produce a white paper  in 3 languages (Arabic, English & French) with policy recommendations and lessons learned.

The source of the research material -and subsequently the policy dialogue and the white paper- mainly relies on the cultural workers who are related to one of the components of the AAC programme. It presents an opportunity to constitute a grounded policy proposal representing actual needs and real practices. Moreover, it is recommended to involve the AAC official stakeholders (ex: EU delegations, ministries of culture) in the process. Although this project is mainly concerned with the grassroots’ voice, it is advised to listen to the official point of view at key points during the research so that the output also speaks to them. 

Culture Resource is seeking to appoint a Research Team Leader who will be responsible for undertaking the above-mentioned tasks. The Team leader (who is also the main researcher and the research manager) will also be responsible for composing and managing the Research Team. Applications representing a team of individual researchers, or a research company or a research centre and similar entities are equally welcomed provided that they have the necessary expertise, tools, and human resources to complete the tasks set out in this call. 

Culture Resource provides a detailed research plan for guidance (See annexes 2 and 3 for the guiding work plan and time schedule). The team leader can follow the plan in its current form or propose his/her own. The methodology of the current plan takes a bottom-up inductive research approach to fit the project’s philosophy of voicing out the region’s cultural workers. The needs and opinions of the involved AAC beneficiaries will direct the project and provide its departure point. 

The researchers will look for patterns in the primary information they collect, then use the patterns in designing the more focussed questions and subsequent sessions. The findings are refined through a couple of iterations. Therefore, the research moves from the more basic and generic towards the specific policy recommendations of the white paper. The research tools follow the same logic: from general surveys, to focus groups, to individual interviews.  

Support and Input

The Culture Resource team and other AAC partners will provide some assistance to the research team in the form of research material and logistics.  

The cultural policy dialogue will be organised logistically by the MMAG foundation (partner of Culture Resource in AAC) who will also look after communication and dissemination. The research team will be only responsible for the content, the agenda, and speakers’ selection, which will be reviewed and approved by Culture Resource. 

The research team will work with the information they gather from AAC beneficiaries through interviews and focus groups. Culture resource and its partners will provide the contacts of beneficiaries. Culture Resource will also help in providing the research team with the contacts of the official stakeholders where relevant. Some material is already produced through normal AAC activities such as beneficiaries’ reports and the Ecosystem Academy. Those will also be provided by Culture Resource and its partners. 

Profile of the Research Team

Culture Resource invites researchers with the relevant experience to apply for this research consultancy. Interested researchers should apply as a team, indicating their formation with member names and profiles. However, Culture Resource will contract the lead researcher only, who will be in turn responsible for hiring their own team, as well as for performing the project activities. 

In addition to their research responsibilities, the lead researcher will also be responsible for administration and finances tasks such as: organising and coordinating the Research Team, role distribution among the team, coordination, reporting, financial settlement … etc. 

The research team leader will be assisted by (ideally two) additional researchers. It is preferable for the team to include researchers representing both West Asia and North Africa regions (by nationality or by residency). Collectively, they will be referred to as the “Research Team” and are treated as one entity directed by the Lead Researcher. 

The Research Team Leader will also be responsible for recruiting any other individuals required for the consultancy’s execution. According to the current suggested research plan, the research will also require a number of junior field researchers to facilitate and assist in interviews, surveys and the policy dialogue phases. 

Members’ profiles. In general, all research collaborators in the team are expected to have an education in a relevant field such as arts and humanities, policies, social sciences … etc. The assisting researcher(s) in the team (apart from the Lead researcher) are suggested to be mid-career MA level researchers with relevant research experience demonstrated by previous work. Knowledge of culture and cultural policies is important. They are also supposed to have experience in the same research methods which will be used. The field researchers  are suggested to be junior researchers specialised in methods of field research and survey tools. Working in or being related to the cultural field is preferable. 

Professional Competencies – Research Team Leader

  • Education in arts and humanities, cultural policies, development or related fields; 
  • Previous related publications / academic studies / research projects is essential; 
  • A PhD in a relevant topic. However having a Masters Degree or equivalent in addition to an adequate record in research projects will be considered;
  • At least 7 years of experience in cultural policy research, white papers and/or advocacy; 
  • Deep understanding of the cultural environment in the region;
  • Fluency in Arabic and in English or French (spoken and written); and
  • Strong communication skills and ability to identify and manage a team of researchers in 7 countries.

Personal Assets in Coherence with Culture Resource Values and Policies

  • Integrity that ensures performing in an impartial and honest manner at all times;
  • Professionalism that ensures that work is carried out with dedication, conscientiously and efficiently;
  • Respect for others, empathy, and tolerance;
  • Strong time-management and organizational skills, and the capability to set priorities that ensure timely and efficient implementation of the project;
  • Ability to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds; 
  • Technical ability to use digital and ‘virtual coworking’ tools; 
  • Ability to ensure a positive work environment; and
  • Flexibility in adapting to unexpected circumstances, and capability to find solutions for challenges. 

Application Documents

Interested researchers with suitable profiles are invited to apply by submitting a technical and financial proposal. Selection will follow competitive bidding.

A technical proposal containing: 

  • CV/list of publications/research papers done by the research team leader and relevant to the consultancy; 
  • CV/list of publications/research papers (if applicable) of the assistant & field researchers participating in the project; 
  • Expression of interest submitted by the team leader (or the legally registered research company/collective/centre applicant) explaining to which extent the applicant is suitable for the position; 
  • A methodology and research methods (if different from the one provided in Annex 3); 
  • An action plan with clear timeline of activities, outputs (if different from the one provided in Annex 3), and division of roles and responsibilities of the team; and 
  • Any Additional supporting documents or technical suggestions.

A financial proposal containing:

  • An estimate of the needed human resources calculated in person/day and a quotation based on the daily rate for each researcher (Please use the form in Annex 4). 


To apply, please send the technical and financial offers, either as attachments or as a link on a shared cloud (example: Google Drive), to [email protected] by the 25th of July with the following title in the “subject” field of the email: AAC- Research Team Leader. 


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