Collaboration Fellowships between
Arab Countries and Europe

Call for applications: soon

The Collaboration Fellowships between Arab Countries and Europe aim to initiate and support collaborations of cultural organizations within the targeted Arab countries and their peers in Europe.

Up to 60 cultural professionals/managers from cultural organizations, initiatives or collectives (40 from the Arab region and 20 from Europe) will be selected to participate in two consecutive cycles of the Collaboration Fellowships throughout the programme duration.

Each cycle will include a call for application targeting organizations, initiatives or collectives working with youth, and least-favored segments of society, and in underserved and underprivileged areas, who would be represented by young or influential cultural professionals/managers. This will be followed by a kick off meeting, sub-granting scheme, implementation of selected collaboration projects, placements, mentorship, among others, as well as follow up and evaluation meetings.

In addition to being the space to create partnerships and exchange knowledge, the meetings will serve in establishing a regional and international network of organizations working with youth, remote areas, and communities in underserved areas. Other learning activities will also be provided in coordination with Ecosystems Academy.

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